Tarot Readings with Juniper Talbot

A Tarot reading with Juniper will help to bring into focus a current situation and the past that helped create it, identifying the obstacles and supports at hand. The reading will reveal new perspectives and alternate outcomes, with advice and guidance for moving toward your best possible future. A reading with Juniper will help you to gain clarity and insight into difficulties that may be holding you back, and will help you identify the steps needed to envision and achieve a more authentic and joy-filled life path. If desired, the client may bring a method to record the reading.

30 minutes for $40. 1 hour for $70.

Call 413 320-4919 or contact us via email for availability and appointments.

About: Juniper Talbot began her psychic and magical training in 1982 and is currently an Elder in Lenai Aine, a Celtic witchcraft coven, emphasizing magical, intuitive and psychic development. Juniper Talbot became a serious student of Tarot in 1983, through Servants of the Light, an off-shoot of the Golden Dawn, directed by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, and continues to study with Builders of the Adytum, an esoteric school focusing on Tarot and Qabalah, founded by Paul Foster Case. Juniper draws on her 30 years of study and practice with the Tarot, combined with her own deep intuition, clairvoyance and psychic abilities to bring insight, clarity and direction to her clients and classes.

What clients say about her Tarot readings:
“Juniper’s readings are clear, intuitive and highly perceptive. She uses the Tarot to recognize subtle energy patterns around the client’s situation, and offers a clear and direct interpretation that is not only accurate, but full of extremely helpful insights and information.” Kelly