December 2016

I-Ching Readings With: Max Rudolph
Saturday December 3rd & 17th Time: 11-4pm
30 minute I Ching Reading Cost: only $15-
The I-Ching is an ancient Chinese system of seeking advice though the observation of random elements such as coins. It is the oldest Chinese classical text. Walk ins welcomed or give us a call to schedule an appointment time. Everyone who receives a reading gets to choose a piece of Art work created by: Max Rudolph!

Sound Healing Mediation w/ Gemstone
Friday December 9th Time: 6:30-7:30 pm
Facilitated By: Shirley Landry
Cost: $15- (Includes free crystal & mini essential oil) 
Join Shirley as she takes you on a vibrational journey with the beautiful sounds of the Crystal Bowls. They will take you deep within for total relaxation. This months crystal bowl meditation will include a free gemstone (Clear Quartz) which will be cleansed & energized by the by the crystal bowls.

Bold & Curvy Fashion Meet Up & Trunk Sale
Saturday December 10th Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm 
Facilitated by Valkyrie Apparel
Cost: Free Entry
Come hang out with us and discuss the current state of plus size fashion.
All of Valkyrie Apparel’s in stock inventory will be available for 50% off! Special order items will be available for 25% off if you place the order with us during the meet up.
~ Free Tea & Snacks to all that join ~
*10% Off Entire Purchase Made @ Groundings to all that join this event*

Chrystal Rose Ray Healing & Guided Meditation
Facilitated By: Anahita Aurora
Saturday, December 10th Time: 5:30 – 6:30pm
Cost: Free For Holidays
Experience “Chrystal Rose Ray Healing” in group format, A brief introduction of the healing system will be followed by a guided meditation to optimize the energy healing session for the group. The healing will be focused on chronic health challenges including cancer though all are welcome. Participants will receive healing while seated spontaneously. If you find Reiki or similar energy healing systems beneficial, you will enjoy “Chrystal Rose Ray Healing”, which includes several mantras/levels of healing. Rays of healing including very ancient rays that are being restored to the planet at this time. Chrystal refers to Christ consciousness, Rose to the unconditional love of the Holy Mother/Divine Feminine face of God, Ray healing includes the rays of the rainbow and lost Rays of ancient Goddess traditions. *Please RSVP space limited*

Essential Oil/Crystal Workshop:
DIY Essential Oil Inhaler (Seasonal Soothe)
Facilitated By: Lauren Pacosa 
Friday December 16th Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Cost: $10- (Includes all materials)
This workshop is a combination of the magical properties of plants, with the healing properties of crystals to create a positively charged essential oil inhaler. The days are getting darker and the holidays are fast approaching. The darker months may have us feeling a little down, but with the help of our crystal and plant friends we can feel the suns loving embrace all year round. *Please RSVP Max 6 people*

Winter Solstice Meditation & Candle Intention
Facilitated By: Patty Moriarty
Wednesday December 21st – Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Cost: $10- all materials included
Join us for a quiet candle lit meditation on Wednesday, December 21, to cleanse the spirit and provide some reverence for ourselves and the solstice.This meditation will provide peace and tranquility as we settle in for the upcoming season. Candles and symbolic talismans will be available for setting intentions and direction for our innermost needs and desires.

New Year’s Eve Special, discounted Tarot Readings
Saturday December 31st Time: 11am – 4pm
with: Juniper Talbot
Find out what the New Year will bring you!
On Saturday December 31st from 11-4PM, Juniper Talbot will be available at GROUNDINGS to offer Tarot Readings at $5 off her regular price.
30 minutes for $35
45 Minutes for $55
60 minutes for $70.
Walk-in or make an appointment by contacting Juniper at

Whats coming up in January ……..

Exploring your life number with tarot
Saturday January 21st Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Facilitated By: John Mangiapane
Cost: $25.00 (Includes life number tarot cards)
“Exploring Your Life Number” – The date of your birth creates a Number that is yours for Life. Combining Numerology, Tarot, and simple math, class instructor John Mangiapane will show you how to calculate your Life Number, and also those of your family and friends.
Included in price of the class is a packet of three Tarot cards that reflect your Life Number, along with an explanation of how these cards relate to your life. We will also learn how to extend this math process to determine your Year Number, and how you cycle through the yearly changes of number and card. Packets of other numbers and their cards are available for sale. * Please RSVP Space limited *

Psychic Development Circle: second Saturdays (1/14, 2/11, 3/11, 4/8) 5:00pm – 6:30pm
Learn the secrets of psychic development and seership from an accomplished psychic. Join Joshua (Hamsa) professional psychic medium, spiritual healer and teacher for four, mind blowing psychic development circles over a period of four months. Each circle will zero in on one skill and challenge participants to stretch their imaginations and push against the boundaries of doubt. Join in for all four circles at a discount or drop in on one and tune up a particular skill.

Our focus each circle will be:
1/14 Teaching the Gut to Speak: learn what your gut is really saying and how to train it to speak with greater clarity. Learn the difference between intuition and psychism and begin moving from one to the other. This class will also include an in depth introduction to protective energetic techniques which will be used at the beginning of every class.
2/11 Elemental Typing: work with the elements in reading and describing energy, sensing the energetic conditions around you, inside you and in others. Begin working with the deeper experience of elemental constitution.
3/11 Planes of Vision: this circle will consist mostly of exercises that unlock internal clairvoyance or “seeing” without tools. We will also explore techniques of deepening visionary experience, including how to develop discernment and reject false experiences of vision.
4/8 Putting it All Together: in this final circle, participants will come in with questions from friends or relatives and do real readings in the circle, using the techniques we have been learning. Joshua will be on hand to guide participants.

Please bring to each circle:
• a pen and some paper with which to write and doodle notes, ideas and readings
• some questions you would like to explore so that each circle has some focus, feel free to bring questions from friends and relatives so that you can check your readings with them when you go home (for the Elemental Typing class, it is recommended that you bring a picture of any person you want to read for)
• water to drink, a nut free snack is optional

Please note:
• These circles cover a lot of information and many exercises, there will always be room for questions but participants are asked to be mindful of our limited time and share it!
• The first circle introduces the opening exercises for the rest of our program, if you do not attend the first circle, please learn the opening exercises from our handout before you come in. We will not reteach the opening exercises in the other classes.
• Your success depends on your openness and willingness to learn. If you come expecting to have a certain experience, you may be disappointed. Additionally, if you come in under the assumption that you have nothing to learn, then that is likely to be the outcome of our time together. Everyone can grow and learn with an open mind and willing heart. Even the most basic exercises will continue to teach us if we humble ourselves and listen.
Cost for each class is $25. Pay for all four up front and get $10 off, only $90 for 6 hours of professional psychic training!