January 2017

Saturday January 7th & 28th
Fortunate Arts: I-Ching Readings
30 minute session for $15-
Comes with free art!
By: Max Rudolph
Max identifies, explores and advises clients on issues and perspectives with the help of the I-Ching, He has been exploring the inner landscapes of the people around him through art and the I-Ching for decades. He is good at understanding the possible perspectives and motives of not only his clients, but of the people in their lives, or other worlds, seeing both sides.
(Saturday January 7th The Installation of the Wish Machine Art Project)

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Meditation w/ Crystal
Friday January 13th – Time: 6:30-7:30pm
Cost $15.00

By: Shirley Landry
Join Shirley as she takes you on a vibrational journey with the beautiful sounds of the Crystal Bowls. They will take you deep within for total relaxation. This months crystal bowl meditation will include a free gemstone (Garnet) which will be cleansed and energized by the by the crystal bowls. The Essential Oil Blend that will be given out is On Guard.

Psychic Development Circle:
second Saturdays (1/14, 2/11, 3/11, 4/8) Time: 5:00pm – 6:30pm
Facilitated By: Joshua Hamsa
Learn the secrets of psychic development and seership from an accomplished psychic. Join Joshua (Hamsa) professional psychic medium, spiritual healer and teacher for four, mind blowing psychic development circles over a period of four months. Each circle will zero in on one skill and challenge participants to stretch their imaginations and push against the boundaries of doubt. Join in for all four circles at a discount or drop in on one and tune up a particular skill.

Exploring Your Life Number With Tarot

Facilitated by: John Mangiapane

Saturday January 21st Time: 1:00 – 3:00pm
Cost:$25- materials included

The date of your birth creates a Number that is yours for Life. Combining Numerology, Tarot, and simple math, class instructor John Mangiapane will show you how to calculate your Life Number, and also those of your family and friends.
Included in price of the class is a packet of three Tarot cards that reflect your Life Number, along with an explanation of how these cards relate to your life. We will also learn how to extend this math process to determine your Year Number, and how you cycle through the yearly changes of number and card.

Chrystal Rose Ray Healing & Guided Meditation
Facilitated By: Anahita Aurora
Saturday, January 21st – Time: 5:30 – 6:30pm
Cost: Donation $5.00 – $15.00

Experience “Chrystal Rose Ray Healing” in group format, A brief introduction of the healing system will be followed by a guided meditation to optimize the energy healing session for the group. The healing will be focused on chronic health challenges including cancer though all are welcome. Participants will receive healing while seated spontaneously. If you find Reiki or similar energy healing systems beneficial, you will enjoy “Chrystal Rose Ray Healing”, which includes several mantras/levels of healing. Rays of healing including very ancient rays that are being restored to the planet at this time. Chrystal refers to Christ consciousness, Rose to the unconditional love of the Holy Mother/Divine Feminine face of God, Ray healing includes the rays of the rainbow and lost Rays of ancient Goddess traditions.
*Please RSVP space limited*

Runes Workshop: Creation – Meditation – Connection
Thursday, January, 26th, February, 16th, & March 16th.
Time: 7:00 – 8:30pm

Facilitated By: Patty Moriarty
Are you drawn to deepen your connection with Nature?
Come create your very own set of runes while you learn about the history and use of this divination tool. Meditation experience included that is designed to enhance our understanding.
This is a series of three classes.
Pay at time of class $18.00 or pay for whole series = $45.00 (savings of $9.00)
8 Runes will be discussed and created per each class. At the end of the series you will have create your own complete set of Runes to take home.
***MAX 10 People****Must Sign up/purchase ticket to save your spot****

Essential Oil/Crystal Workshop:
DIY Essential Oil Inhaler (Seasonal Soothe)
Friday, January 27th Time: 6:00 – 7:00pm
Facilitated By: Lauren Pacosa Cost $10.00
*Please RSVP Max 6 people*
This workshop is a combination of the magical properties of plants, with the healing properties of crystals to create a positively charged essential oil inhaler. The darker months may have us feeling a little down, but with the help of our crystal and plant friends we can feel the suns loving embrace all year round.

Bold & Curvy Fashion Meet Up – White Elephant Clothing Swap
Facilitated by Valkyrie Apparel
Cost: Free Entry
Saturday, January 28th Time: 1:00-3:00pm
Let’s kick off 2017 by cleaning out our closets. (Or not putting away those gifts we don’t want to keep…) Swing by the Bold and Curvy Meetup Group for a White Elephant Clothing swap!
Is it the wrong size? Wrong color? Not as comfy as you wanted? Bring it by at 1! (Or send an email to jenn@valkyrie-apparel.com to arrange an earlier drop off.)
Bodies of all shapes, sizes and gender identities are welcome.
Join us afterwards for coffee and chatting at a local eatery from 3-6pm. (Location TBD)