Massage By Ashley

Therapeutic Massage
This massage is all encompassing, catering to your specific needs, with techniques ranging from relaxation, stress reduction to deep tissue, massage cupping, and myofascial release.

Thirty minutes – 35, Sixty minutes – 65, Ninety minutes – 95,
Series of 8 thirty minute – 240, Series of 8 sixty minute – 440

The Cocoon
A gentle, full body massage cupping treatment that stimulates lymphatic movement and detoxification. This involves specific aromatherapy blended oils that are applied to the body eventually being fully absorbed while you are wrapped in warm blankets. This treatment offers a wide variety of possible results from body contouring to smoking cessation, post sporting event soreness, or simple, luxurious relaxation.

One session – 80, Series of 8 – 560

Microcup Face Lifting and Drainage
Gentle massage cupping applied to the face and neck which lightly drains excess fluids, helps reduce puffiness, opens sinuses, and stimulates collagen. No resulting “cup kisses” from this treatment. Possible, visible benefits after one treatment, while further benefits are cumulative and more dramatic after a series of treatments.

One session – 35, Series of 8 – 245

The Trilogy
Indulge yourself in this creative treatment, begin with 20 minutes of massage cupping and massage to your back, neck and shoulders, follow this with face lifting and drainage and finish with a foot massage. A whole new you in one rejuvenating experience.

One session – 65, Series of 8 – 480

11940504_10203965127163129_367791834_oAbout Ashley:
While recovering from a car accident, Ashley Goulet discovered firsthand the pain-relieving power of massage therapy. This experience motivated her to become a licensed practitioner herself, in order to spread the benefits of massage to others. She brings her services to Groundings. “I believe massage is more than a physical healing, it also does wonders for the mind and spirit.”

Please note: Due to irregular availability, Ashley is not available through our online booking system. To make a massage appointment please call (413) 320-4919.

“Fabulous massage! Felt better afterwards than I had in months. Highly recommended!”
-Kim S.

“The best massage I have ever had!”
-Betty P.