Community Quartz Clusters


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Quartz Clusters 

These wonderful healing crystals encourage a sense of community, creating harmony & remove negativity from its environment, whether that is on a body or in a room. One of the best crystals to use for chakra healing. Group energy of clusters easily removes blockages & strengthens all the chakras. The same properties make them the first choice for cleansing & activating other healing stones. Clusters sometimes contain many metaphysical formations, their properties all working together harmoniously.

Quartz Clusters create cohesive group energy. Place on your desk at work, in a main room of your living space or workspace. Quartz Clusters will enhance harmony & peace in groups, in the family, & in other social/ business environments. They connection the physical dimension & dimensions of the mind. Use to communicate with other crystals, plants, animals, & intelligence outside the physical dimension. Quartz clusters are believed to synchronize our consciousness with that of the heavens & advanced life-forms.