Dendritic Opal


Promotes abundance, prosperity & growth. Enhances self-confidence & perseverance. Transforms negative energy into positive energy. Helps achieve stability & balance.
Chakras: Crown & Root
Zodiac: Gemini & Virgo
Element: Earth

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Stone of plentitude, providing abundance and fullness in ones life.

Stone of Relations, it helps create and strengthen bonds within relationships, as well as bringing relations from loved ones, friends or work relations closer together. This crystal encourages the building of relationships based on honesty and sincerity. It is beneficial where when relationships have become a struggle. Helpful between members of step families, especially child to step parent, bringing encouragement for getting to know one another more, to release any un-certainty or tension, with the means of building the beginning foundations of strong relationships for the future.

Dendritic Opals energies are vibrant and passionate, yet gentle and caring. Opal is a stone that can be absorbent as much as it can be reflective, it can be a mirror to the whole self both inner and outer.  Opal feels joy with its keeper just as much as sadness; it follows every smile to every tear.

Dendritic Opal polished stone is the perfect crystal for keeping close to the side of partners who live with being apart for certain amounts of time, to keep the bond strong and have your hearts beat as one. This is also a beautiful stone to give to a newly married couple.

Place Dendritic Opal around the home for a more family orientated feel, as well as creating an air of acceptance and harmony. As a healing crystal, Dendritic Opal can help improve eye function and upsets of the digestive system. Dendritic Opal can help to lift feelings of sluggishness and lethargy.  A stone that reminds of the here and now when it is needed, encourages positive emotion, and helps the being to appreciate loved ones and those that care.

Dendritic Opal is said to enhance the achievement of personal goals, the acquisition of prosperity, the healing of wounds from past lives, the ability to communicate with nature spirits and the grounding of your spiritual energies within the physical body. Associated with the Navel Chakra and the zodiac sign Gemini & Virgo