Double Terminated Black Spot Quartz


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Double Terminated Tibetan Black Spot Quartz is a Master Healer. This crystal friend has an enhanced vibration involved with thousands of years of spiritual practice.  It activates the Third Eye & accesses the Akashic Records resonating with the Ancient sacred esoteric knowledge & cultures of the East.  Enhances & amplifies rituals, healing work, shamanic work, meditation, channeling & activates healing properties of other crystals. 

Use Tibetan Black Spot Quartz when creating your bubble of light AKA protection bubble around the body. It has a powerful “OM” vibration, making it an excellent crystal to use to intensify transformation, healing & spirituality. It may be used to ascertain past-life reasons for dis-ease or karmic lessons being dealt within present life. Its strong centered energy brings about a deep healing of the aura & the Etheric blue print supporting multidimensional cellular regeneration.  

These crystal friends are powerful for spiritual protection & purification.  It protects one from the lower astral energies when sleeping & can eliminate disruptions during sleep.  It also creates energy vortex clearing out unwanted energies, breaking up mental blocks & has been used to remove sickness from the body. 

Double Terminated Tibetan Black Spot Quartz may clear all Chakras by placing the crystals on each seven chakra lengthwise along the spinal column to align and allow frequencies to resonate energetic linkage or placed between two chakras to activate and delete stagnant energies between chakra meridians.  Tibetan Black Spot Quartz may be used to assist fasting and abstinence and a powerful stone to use for crystal grids around the bed, sacred space or the four corners of the house, doors, windows as this crystal enhances the subtle energies of the entire environment.

Used for healing & repair of the nervous system, including the myelin sheath, brain, & the nerve ganglia that generate the electromagnetic energies of the chakras. It harmonizes all the chakras & aligns the subtle bodies & stimulates the immune system to bring the body into balance. Excellent for soothing burns.  Its beneficial for the energy meridians, eating disorders, breaking up co-dependency, centering & energy enhancement.