Indigo Gabbro/Mystic Merlinite


Indigo Gabbro, Often called “Mystic Merlinite”  this is a very powerful, magical stone that can be used in all types of shamanism, scrying, divination, ceremony, Reiki and crystal healing. This beautiful stone is a lovely patterned black with subtle indigo marbling. It has been polished to a smooth, natural shiny finish.

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Indigo Gabbro/Mystic Merlinite 

It creates a deeper understanding of one’s spiritual gifts and natural intuitive abilities. It can amplify your intuitive skills of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, with even your plants and animal friends. Working between the worlds, Indigo Gabbro also creates a bridge between the dark and light aspects of who you are. Seeing your patterns as not an expression of duality, but rather the balance between the positive and negative, the heavy and the light, the joyous and the trying. Because this is a time of balancing and accepting the duality within us, Indigo Gabbro shows us the dark and inspirational aspects working in harmony… not in conflict.

Indigo Gabbro is said to be useful in the treatment of “hot flashes”, cellular swelling and infections. It may alleviate the effects of fevers, and balance the alkalinity of the body. It may also correct disorders of the immune system, bruising, and sprains.