Sea Urchin


Natural Sea Urchin Fossils are an ancient emblem that encircle ocean spirit, animal medicine and summoning positive vibrations. Polished to perfection, they radiate natural earth-tones of slate, sliver, crimson, and amber. These majestic crystal friends are a smaller size, perfect for carrying with you.

-Promotes peace & calming
-Connects us to the water element
-Removes heavy/negative energies
-Helps one to access Akashic Records
-Helps us connect with our Animal guides & totems
-Protects & Grounds
-Attracts love & Joy

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Sea Urchins carry the energies of the seawater currents. They display the characteristic five-petal pattern which is found all over the ocean, commonly known as the sand dollar. This fossil is believed to hold healing properties as well as the ocean magic of emotional flow. The ocean is a powerful entity, which all life came forth from. These fossils channel this vital life-force energy, & help our souls find flow & balance. They also help to remove negative vibrations from our emotional bodies, & clear energy blocks within us.

In addition to these properties, Sea Urchin fossils summon the energies of wisdom & loyalty. Helping you to find a sense of stability in life. They resonate with the Heart Chakra, encouraging feelings of love & forgiveness, & they protect your dreams from negativity. Hold your fossil in meditation, & connect with the guidance it offers you. Allow its water element energy to cleanse & nurture your spirit, as you center yourself & release any thoughts or feelings which are not serving your Highest Good.

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