Chrystal Rose Ray Healing

Tarot Readings
By: Anahita Aurora

Anahita Aurora has been working as an energy healer, and spiritual guidance practitioner using tarot, numerology and oracles for over 25 years. She has her own mystery school and teaches “Grail Keeper Training – Healing for people, places and the planet”. She experienced spontaneous attunement to what is now her own healing system “Chrystal Rose Ray Healing”, which has been developed since early 2000 after the birth of her first child. Grail Keeper Training has been developing for the past nine years since the birth of her second son.

Numerology readings are very specific, and can calculate number vibrations you are experiencing from current birthdate to next or over an entire life time, much like an astrology chart. In the Half Hour Reading deeper themes and lessons for your personal year, from current birth date to next are calculated and interpreted for you including vowels in your name, which represent the gifts of the Soul you drawn upon currently and the consonants in your name, your Outer Personality, how others see you. The half hour session focuses on how best to take advantage of number energies influencing your personal year and how to best work with the energies instead of working against them preventing unnecessary struggle. A full hour reading will include in addition to the half hour personal year synopsis, your Life Lesson number, what you came here to learn from and experience, your Path of Destiny what you came here to accomplish and manifest. A deeper review of the significance of your Soul Number, Outer Personality Number, and other pieces such as missing numbers are included.

Each soul is a diamond and often only the hardest of circumstances can polish our unrefined and disowned parts of ourselves in the process of soul integration and the return path of wholeness.”. Numerology is a powerful tool to bring conscious awareness to ourselves and inner work because it makes our challenges concrete and clear. Then we have a chance to transform them into strengths through understanding, compassion and increased self love and self acceptance.
Anahita Aurora’s training includes a BA in History, post graduate studies in psychological counseling, Reiki Master, Shamballa MDH, IET Practitioner, Magnified Healing, Priestesshood Fellowship of Isis, Siddha Yoga Meditation, Shamanic Healing with John Perkins, Metaphysics with Martha Turner, and her spiritual guides.

Chrystal Rose Ray Healing Sessions:
30 minutes sliding scale: $25.00 – $35.00
60 minutes sliding scale: $45.00 – $65.00

Tarot Readings:
30 minutes: $30.00
60 minutes: $60.00

Numerology Reading:
One hour reading: $150.00