Snail Trail Creations


11901442_10203970526018097_621026734_oWhere the name Snail Trail Creations came from:
Ever since I was little I loved to go to the beach. I would watch the snails move about in the tide pools. Everywhere they went they would leave little trails etched into the sand. These trails would always bring a smile to my face. If you watched them carefully eventually the trails would become amazing works of art.
What I have learned from these magical little creatures is no matter how small or insignificant a creation may be. An artist leaves “trails” of art behind to inspire the imagination and to bring a smile to ones face, so the name Snail Trail Creations was born….
~Lauren Pacosa

11960580_10203970517217877_858768088_oPossessing a passion for wearable art known to most as jewelry, Lauren Pacosa, a local artist born and raised in West Springfield, Massachusetts, spends her days looking for new inspirations for her designs. Since early childhood, the love of all forms of art such as drawing, painting, pottery, jewelry creation and design, and any and all forms of art, captured her interest and she immediately fell in love.

11929970_10203970511697739_447581343_oIn an effort to move toward her goal of selling unique handcrafted creations, Lauren obtained a BA Degree in Art with a Minor in Education from Westfield State University. While working toward her degree, her curriculum included classes in Basic Design, Color Theory, Drawing and many other forms of art expression which would help her in her design work. In 2006, Lauren began realizing her dream when she started selling her creations to the public through in-house parties, craft fairs, and on her online website. Lauren’s hope is to be able to continue throughout her life earning a living using her creative talents.