The Whispering Sage


About Shelly: I have over 15 years of experience in providing inspiring, life changing, life affirming spiritual guidance, counseling, and coaching. As well as being an experienced workshop facilitator, manifestation creatrix, ordained minister, and community leader.

In my business, The Whispering Sage, I facilitate transformational life coaching by bridging the sacred with conscious creation.

Why “The Whispering Sage?” The name chose me really. It is what I do. “I help people to tune in, and turn up the volume, so they can hear the whispering of their mind, body, and soul” so they can turn their dreams into realities

In my private practice, there is a strong clinical backbone to this work, always with a touch of magic. This highly personalized integrative approach to spiritual healing, personal growth and emotional well-being allows me to design each client’s sessions so they can manifest their dreams into beautiful realities.

I am able to integrate my academic background in Psychology and Counseling along with my spiritual shamanic training and tools to provide customized personally intense intuitively driven coaching programs. I have done this work for over 15 years professionally with individuals, couples, and facilitating healing group work. My work ranges in depth of healing past trauma(s) and moving towards authenticity, to dealing with personal loss, finding purpose within career, opening to love and abundance, to the introduction of the metaphysical and healing arts and re-engagement with the higher self. The work is always a co-creative informed process, always transparent, and driven by the client, with the ultimate goal of helping them to reclaim their wild authentic successful self.

While this work has an integrative approach (sessions are not cookie cutter, they are individualized), focused on the sacred, a true journey of the individual and a pilgrimage to your heart. I have a strong foundational educational and experience of how to also treat and or facilitate the healing process of such traumas as: rape, PTSD, cutting behaviors, depression, eating disorders, suicidal ideation, and anxiety.

Shelly Offers:

Transformational Life Coaching Sessions:

Work with Shelly and learn how to embody an authenticity that transparently radiates the truth of who you are. Learn how to clear out and release what no longer serves you, old fears, contracts, and patterns that inform your life currently. Then create a new plan that will allow you to nourish yourself and step into your own authority and sovereignty. Awaken that deep inner knowing and wisdom, and then learn how to hone it. Make choices from that place of inner knowing and fierce strength and manifest the gifts of healing for yourself, and then manifest the gifts you are here to give to the world. Heal – mind, body, and spirit and come home to yourself – become an empowered participant and co-creator of your OWN life!


Save by signing up for one of the following Transformational Coaching Packages:

6 weeks: Save 10% – $540.00

  • Discounted $90 session

Diving Deep
3 Months: Save 15%- $1020

  • Discounted $85.00 session
  • Plus free meditation workshop access

All Access Pass
6 Months: Save 20% – $1920

  • Discounted $80.00 session
  • Plus free meditation workshop access
  • 1 free workshop

One Day Intensive – AWAKEN, CREATE, and WRITE your ticket to SUCCESS

8 Hours of personalized one to one work: $475.00 – saves 40%

  • Includes: breakfast, lunch and snacks.
  • Specialized shamanic work

Need answers now?

Lightening Transformational Coaching Sessions are recommended:

Her intuitive lightening sessions are unique in their wisdom as she is able to get to the heart of an issue with ease, navigating clients’ fears, and providing a gentle supportive environment for enlightenment and spiritual guidance to emerge which creates the space for a highly personalized and accurate healing session. It truly is a like being handed a bolt of lightning… sparking off new endeavors, wealth, health, love and career paths.
1 Hour Session: $75.00
Available Saturdays 11 – 4 and by appointment only.

What Clients are saying:

Shelly helped me to find strength, wisdom, courage and power I didn’t know I had. She really SAW me and HEARD me instantaneously, which helped me to understand myself better. She has a unique intuition which was evident right away. Working with Shelly felt like an adventure. We really “tapped in” and explored beliefs, intentions, and possibilities. She helped me to manifest my dreams. I came away from the experience feeling equipped with a set of tools to journey forward. I now accept, love, and trust my body, mind, and spirit to make choices that are for the highest good of all. Tapping into that energy has been priceless for me.

Shelly is MAGIC! She is a delight to work with! It so easy to craft deeply meaningful and reverently playful rituals with her. Additionally, I find her to be her empathic abilities phenomenal! Shelly is one of those people who simply enlivens your life!

Shelly’s intuition is incredible. You tell her about your life and challenges, and she extracts all kinds of truths that you neither said nor implied, and may not have known at all, but that you can immediately recognize as foundational elements undergirding the patterns of your experience. She jumps right to the big pieces you need to work on to generate the changes you seek at deep levels, instead of just at the surface.