Vibration Sound Healing with Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks profoundly affect and harmonize body and soul. Their sounds allow a deep state of relaxation, and as a result one becomes more aware of one’s inner being and center. Playing Tuning Forks around the body promotes a deep sound massage of every cell and organ, resulting in a remarkable feeling of well-being.

The body has its own built in healing system and can repair itself, but the perpetual stress of hectic lifestyles keeps the body out of balance. Sometimes a little help is needed. Soothing sounds and music can be very helpful, bringing the physical, psychological and spiritual bodies back into harmony. Patterns of sound vibrations create movement and resonance in the energy fields and space surrounding the body. A delicate energy system, the body is influenced by its environment. As the Tuning Forks are played the sounds create energy fields that fill the room, and the body absorbs them. Deep stress is neutralized in cells and organs, enabling them to return to a healthy state.